January Rose Bowl Film Roll

film rose bowl

Le Homies
Who's that seller?!
It's Lenny!!!
Say "Versacheese!"
Puppy not for sale
Found BK
OGs at the Bowl
"Ladies how about a pic?"
"No" *turns around*
@noestaaqui @hichristianvintage
Mr. Nostalgia
Fuck a money phone
Oh hiiiiii Mark
Rather be fishing
Ain't seen you in a New York minute
The Plug & The Golf Guy
@jennyv24 @ckennyv
Oddities & Curiosities
Waiting Game
(The vendor told me no pictures right after I snapped this pic. Fuck you I do what I want)
Bimmer #1 or Bimmer #2?
Dice Game
I will always snap a picture of dope furniture if I see it.
Favorite Fits & Looks
My fit
The Legend

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