February Rose Bowl Film Roll

Some pictures came out underexposed and I was really disappointed, but that's the risk you take with film
Fits proper
I met the couple on the ends at the Hot Sauce event put on by @butterypat a few weeks ago and was delighted to randomly run into them while exploring the Bowl. They had their friend with them who was equally dripped out so of course I snapped a pic!
a Quilted Queen
He said "You can call me Grandpa"
only @straydogfilm could pull this look off
The boots make the fit, sad you can't see them better
You are watching a master at work
I just really loved her hat
Really loved this couples' play on one another's fits, sad it didn't come out as bright as I hoped
@lexiflo_ @joranjspence
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts anyone?
Vintage Chanel
These aren't Louis trunks, but the craftsmanship and similarities were incredible
Destiny's Child x Barbie
via @nogoods_
$2 pile madness
Heaters on the hangers
Camera shy but a legend in the making so he needs to get used to it
@quitplayingjay aka @rclmd.la
El Patron
Epic Trade
@singlestitchclub & @privilegedvintage
I found a Ricky in the wild
My hardware guy
Biggest supporter and friend
They'll probably hate me for posting this but ehhhh idc. I think they always look beautiful
@hichristian @noestaaqui
Natural smiles
I swear Ashton is the nicest guy despite his face here

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