April Rose Bowl Film Roll

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"Welcome To The Jungle"
I took a lot more pictures of things than I did of people this month. I find myself shopping less and exploring more. I love seeing all my friends and grabbing flicks of their smiles, but if I'm truly looking to capture the Rose Bowl for a full year, I've gotta see more of what is unknown to me and take more pictures of people I don't know or just find interesting.
"Interesting [Old] Things"
  I definitely dragged Jordan and Josh around with me this month so shouts to them for bearing with all my obnoxious photographer moments. I just gotta remember to bring snacks for Josh next time, he gets a little hangry.
"Is it Real Foo or Naw?"
If you saw my stories on IG you might've seen what it looked like when I took this shot. Everyone said I was being extra
Yeah, well so was Kanye.
"It's Only Silly if the Shot Doesn't Come Out Right"
This is the closest I've come to seeing Terren at the Rose Bowl in years
@newbedstuy - @thethriftlord
"Crusties Suck"
Some of my favorite fits I saw this month
(also, I had to edit some of the vertical shots on my phone because they all came out super dark and discolored. I think something is wrong with my camera :/ Normally I don't like to edit my film pictures, but exceptions can be made for sake of progress)
@straydogfilm - @crazylokovintage
@butterypat - @palmatree1
"Ladies, Ladies, Ladies"
@noestaqui - @mainaiimura - @hichristian
We found out some great news for our friend, but I'll let her wait to tell y'all
"Good News"
@rasalghulta - @mainaiimura
I'm really liking a lot of the furniture I'm seeing, I guess I'm getting old.
"A Place and Time"
"Just a Really Cool Jacket"
A week before Rose Bowl my boy @ogshenron posted this tee on his page and unfortunately it was already sold, flash forward to me taking pictures and I see this  beauty hanging in a booth. We negotiated, and I'm happy to say this monster went home with me. The back of it has a mega print Doomsday on it and god do I love it so. 
"You Should See It From the Back"
"I Stubbed My Toe on the Pinball Machine"
I feel these two look like paparazzi shots 
"Public Figure Did the Wrist"
"Damn, Where'd You Find This"
@ben.bodhiadventure - @joshmartinez25
@martinsminithrift - @crack_the_mac  - @fowlplayvintage
"Million Dollar Smile"
I got the chance to see a high school memory of mine, this guy definitely was playing in the background for a lot of my younger days. Dope to meet you Travis. thanks for chopping it up with us.
"She Got A..."
This next set of pictures is called "Couples Therapy"
@megmatilda - @senorrivera59
@brandenwils.n - @tepperrr
@zo__ho - @laser.razor
@hiddeninthehype - @sneakersandculture
Thats all folks! See you next month!